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Shampoozle + Conditioner is guaranteed to make washing your bub’s hair the highlight of the evening. No matter what ‘floats your bub’s boat’ in the hair styling department, this all-natural shampoo + conditioner will leave your bub’s hair silky smooth, tangle free and smelling beautiful in just one wash! Full foaming for extra fun, this gentle formula ensures
that bath time is an allergy and tear free experience for your baby.

Why It´s So Good For your baby:
Strawberry fragrant oil for a scent that both you and your bub will love!
Lavender will help relax your bubba, assisting in a good night’s sleep for mum, dad and bub.

Lavender will also aid in the treatment of eczema, dandruff and
abrasions. It is known to be both soothing and balancing to the skin;
the perfect ingredient for a pre bed bath!
Glycerin which will help return moisture to a dry scalp and dry hair and
is also fantastic for strengthening your little one’s hair!
Citric acid helps remove unwanted and harmful minerals from the
water we use to wash our little ones and also helps reduce dandruff
(“yessss”) and make hair soft and shiny.
Made in Melbourne, Australia, uses 100% recyclable packaging and
not tested on animals.
With all these ingredients combined, it creates the perfect product to keep your little ones
healthy and clean.
TIP: Combine with the Milk Baby Bath Time Wash for a ‘bath
load”of laughs!

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